5 hacks to make you look like you’ve made an effort (when you haven’t)

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This one is probably the easiest trick of them all. Anytime I see lipstick, I think that person spent hours getting ready. A bright colour, like red, pink or orange, will instantly take center stage and give you that vouge appearence. Make sure you choose a shade that is in your colour palette. Wearing the wrong colour will change your skin tone, potentially making you looking like you’re ill. Believe me, you don’t want to end up looking like you’re recovering from a bad case of dribble bum, instead of enhancing your features.

Roll up your Sleeves


Find an outter garment with sleeves longer than your elbows and “roll em up”. Layering always gives the appearence of a polished look, and rolling up your sleeves gives the impression that you have taken the time to “style” your outfit.

Fitted pants


You should own at least one pair of pants that make you feel like you conquer the world for a living. If not, then it’s time to order your first Style Assist box  and have us deliver one to you. I have learnt never to underestimate what a good fit can do for your body shape. Now, I’m not talking about booty hugging skinnies, that look like you painted them on your hiney. These can be anything from bootlegs to widelegs ( again, it’s all dependent on your body shape and what you want to enhance). Wearing the right pair of neutral colour pants means you have the freedom to wear “almost” any top you own.

Short Heels


Ok, so maybe the mere mention of “heels” makes you want to run for the hills. Rest assure, I’m by no means implying you give up your main comfort for the day. Truth is, there are a lot of options out there, that are super comfortable and just enough to enhance your outfit. Try a shorter, sandal option with thick heels. These will be easier to walk in and give you a confidence boost.

Statement bags


This hack will require a little bit of pre planning to make sure your statement bag works. Invest in a great bag with iether an interesting print or a pop of colour, that will do the talking. Make sure it is a classy and classic choice that won’t date and can work across a range of clothing  pieces, that you already own. Compliment your bag with an outfit of minimal colour, to let your bag take the spot light. Last thing you want, is stepping out like you’re about to have a meeting with bozo the Clown (and you felt like you should association dress for the occasion)

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