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Why do girls love summer? One hint…we get to buy new Bikinis and beach outfits! And considering we are having for full African summer, I thought I’d tell you what to expect, for beach wear. So obviously a swimming costume is a necessity, unless melting is your idea of fun. If the thought of having to squeeze into a bathing suit terrifies you, or whether you might as well be on the Victoria Secret runway with your perfect body, never fear the trends are here and there’s something for everyone.

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Starting with Bikini lovers! There are many different styles of bikini: strapped, halter, boob tube, high-waisted and top bikinis. Whatever your preference is, make sure you add a little detail to your next bikini buy such as a printed bikini, bikinis with tassels or trims, fridges, perhaps you want to be more daring and look for a more seductive lingerie inspired bikini. If you’re one of those people who like bikinis but don’t want to flaunt it constantly, a cover up is a really good option because you can just throw it on and off in your swimming during your breaks

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A lot of us woman however hate the idea of having to slip into those skimpy outfits, and luckily for us the full costume have made a fashionable come back. No, not plain black speedo’s you used to wear in school. You can be just as stylish on the beach as anyone else this summer. Colour combo’s, cut outs, strappy backs and also adding some design detail such as fringes or tassels will make you look fashion forward on the beach this summer. Again cover ups are always great for relaxing in between swimming as well as protection from the harsh African sun. Enjoy summer in style this season.


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