6 Outfit Ideas To Ring In The New Year

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So you’ve finally decided how you’re going to ring in the new year, but you have no idea what outfit will be best suited to paint the town various shades of red, pink, blue and green. Trying to figure out what to wear to a party is always hard, and even harder this time of the year when our schedules are full with holiday celebrations. Here are six festive outfits to help inspire your creative juices. Let us know which outfit is your favourite!



The Little Black Dress (otherwise known as the LBD) is fashion’s safest piece of clothing. If you just have no ideas, you can bet your bottom dollar that this ensemble will always be a winner.

The Mini Dress


If playing it safe is not your style, then go bold, go bright and go short. A bold, fitted party dress is pretty effortless because you don’t need to over-complicate your look with accessories –  in fact, you might want to implement to KISS theory (Keep it simple stupid) on this one.

3. The Sexy Maxi


Okay so short and cropped might not be your thing. If that’s you then pick out a statement piece that shows off other parts of your assets.  A plunging v neckline or a steep slit will do the trick. Always remember if you are going to go long, then fit is important. A wrap dress works for most body shapes because it snitches in and creates shape.

The Jumpsuit


Big, bold and beautiful prints work in a one piece too, if you are not interested in showing off your “leg flesh”. I would however, be very careful of this particular cut of clothing, as it works on very few body shapes. Personally, I have seen it worn best on the rectangle body shape.

The Classic Black Look


Like I have already mentioned, you can’t go wrong with all black. It’s classy and hides a multitude of sins. It’s something every woman has easy access to and if you don’t already own a well-fitted pair of black pants – please 911 me immediately. Pair this outfit with either a very detailed or statement pair of shoes and go WILD with your accessories – the sky is the limit.

The Statement Skirt


A statement pencil skirt, cropped above the knee is always a good place to start. Once you have a solid founmdation, you can match your accessories and shoes by process of elimination (it iether does or does not work with your statement piece). Pair it with a firty neutral top and you are ready to paint the town any colour you like.

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