About Us


Built on the foundation of House of Janine’s  mantra “look good, feel good, perform” we have developed a service that allows you to have style delivered to your door.
Whether it’s shopping for a few items to complete your style or transforming your entire wardrobe, there is no styling task too big or too small for tweak&STYLE. With over 11 years of experience in the image industry, we have styled many clients in South Africa. From the high rise corporates to the intimacy of a client’s bedroom. We believe that looking and feeling good exudes the confidence needed for success. Styling of course is a big part of that. We understand that in this day & age time can be somewhat of a constraint, leaving most people slapping on the first outfit they can reach and wearing the same outfit over and over AND OVER again.
It takes time and skill to shop for a client – incorporating body shape, your personality, your lifestyle, your budget and your colour palette, all of which we have mastered over the last 11 years. We feel that every person should have a stylist in their life to take the headache out of looking amazing.
Do you have a shopping list of clothing you desperately need but just don’t have the time to pick out in your lunch break, perhaps you’d like to avoid the burden of overcrowded malls, sifting through hundreds of shops and standing in long queue’s?
Our solution to offering anyone a personal stylist at their disposal. It’s really simple, just tell us more about yourself, get 5- 12 pieces delivered to your door, keep what you love and call us to collect the rest.
Or perhaps you want a slightly more personal experience, not to worry we have that covered too. Opt for tweak EXTREME to meet your Image consultant, get your customized “re-create you” manual, which includes your colour palette & body shape or all the how to’s on styling your shape tailor made to suit your lifestyle. Once you’ve chosen your service the process begins. Maintaining these changes are key, so we show you how to do it for yourself! Book your consult now.

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