How to declutter your style

Someone once said “a cluttered cupboard is a cluttered life”. We think of our dream closet and the first thing that comes to mind, is a spacious walk-in cupboard designed for the rich and famous. A treasure trove of clothing pieces, colour coded in neat rows. Instead we wake up coiled in dread, at the…

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5 second makeup fix for the woman with no time to spare

Have you noticed how beauty has become an obsession? How to create a beautiful “whatever” in 2weeks, how to have the appearance of flawless skin instantly and on it goes with the likes of millions of beauty products all screaming about their evolutionary new shade of red lipstick or 24hour foundation fix in an effort…

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Heels are painful, beauty doesn’t have to be…

Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of heels and the way my (somewhat questionable) posture just falls perfectly into place when I rock my sling backs. It’s like I take on a different persona and I can instantly feel my confidence spike. Yes, I’m in awe at the power of heels – can…

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Buying the perfect grey blazer amongst the many shades

As any man knows, when it comes to a clothing must have it has to be a blazer. However, with so much variety out there it’s hard to pin down exactly what will work for you. The truth is it’s different for everyone. While it’s instinctive to pick up another black blazer, the reality is…

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6 tricks to avoid dry lips

Winter should stir up a need to cosy it up, under a blanket of stylish layers, designed to make me look and feel fabulous. Since, tis the season to be … well, cosy, a whirl wind of warm thoughts, like fire places, hot chocolate and long hot baths should come naturally, right? To the contrary, the…

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Style at your door

If you haven’t heard of the Style Assist box by tweak&STYLE – the hand picked box of clothes that adheres to your style profile, personality, colour palette and lifestyle – you’re missing out on the easiest (and most thrilling) way to get your dose of style. With over 1000 mainstream and up-and-coming brands shipped right to your…

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5 ways to create a solid first impression

It’s a reality people judge people – I know I’m guilty of it. Part of the anxeity of meeting new people comes from not knowing how we will be perceived or not knowing how to make the right impression. Sometimes it takes just one really bad experience to knock our confidence, but that shouldn’t hold you back from…

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Multicultural Style

We as South Africans, live in country filled with a variety of amazing cultures, I think these cultures should be celebrated- so why not add them into our style?  Growing up in a particular culture may influence your style and personality more than you think, it’s something unique that shows who you are and where…

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6 Outfit Ideas To Ring In The New Year

So you’ve finally decided how you’re going to ring in the new year, but you have no idea what outfit will be best suited to paint the town various shades of red, pink, blue and green. Trying to figure out what to wear to a party is always hard, and even harder this time of…

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