Understanding Smart Casual

Ever wondered what’s meant when they say “smart casual”- when in truth, the two are very much on opposite ends of the style spectrum. In my attempt to clarify the ambiguity of this style statement here what I can say for sure; Smart is a polished look which can be worn in a board room presentation…

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The wild side of style

Yeah, we’ve all seen it somewhere before … that image of the lady with the leopard print scarf elegantly draped over her head, her golden sunglasses trimmed in leopard print yellow, her reddish leopard print heels, as she slings her fluffy leopard print handbag over her forearm, adorned with a brown leopard print belt and…

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Navigating through that awkward fringe phase

I love me some bangs, but over the years I have come to terms with the fact that I can only rock my “ china doll” look during certain seasons. The reality is I have a natural wave in my hair. Attempting the “Summer bang look” is not an option, unless I’m up for fight…

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How to avoid wardrobe malfunctions between seasons

It’s on and then it’s off, and then it’s back on again- I really can’t decide. I love the sweet smell of spring but dang it’s a mission deciding on what to wear. It’s that time of the year, when you can literally have all four seasons on the same day. I’m all for being…

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4 creative ways to reinvent your scarf

It’s in, it’s warm and it’s oh so stylish… Well, I for one would not have dreamed the blanket could look this good. These attitude-filled printed woollies are just what the doctor ordered to make your outfit pop and the styling options are simply endless. I have seen it all from poncho to a semi-structured coat and…

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6 Trendy winter trench coats that won’t date

I don’t know about you, but winter is one of those seasons that inspire me to wear everything I own (including my duvet cover), and by far one of the most unforgiving seasons when it comes to style. Thanks to celebs like Cara Delevinge and Audrey Hepburn the classic trench has become a wardrobe must have, putting this…

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Winter 2016

It is officially here, Winter 2016! I for one could not be more excited, the heat wave is gone and the amazing fashion is in! This year the 70’s are back in full swing! From bell bottom denims to suede fringe jackets, and lets not forget about the gorgeous ankle boots, it’s a full hippie revival!…

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10 tips to step up your Winter style

  Shop for your shape. For as long as fashion has been around, trends have come in and out faster than we can blink it’s just a fact of life. Just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean it will work for you. Always remember to shop for your shape tweaknSTYLE’s number one tip is to make…

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