Our first tweak&STYLE box delivered

The 9th of April 2015 marked the delivery of tweak&STYLE’s 1st box to the lovely Jacqui Twiggs at her home in Eagle Canyon. Jacqui graciously allowed the team to photograph the experience She opened her box, and the sheer delight was written all over her face. “It felt like Christmas when my box arrived”, she…

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Autumn Trends

Autumn Trends 2015   As we set our sights on Autumn 2015 we immediately start to crave cozy fabrics and luxurious designs. Trends come in many styles and forms but this Autumn we have our eyes set on the artisanal trend. The artisanal trend is one filled with repeated print, rich fabrics, trimmings and an…

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Swimwear for summer

Swimwear for Summer – EISH! How many woman request assistance in purchasing swimwear for summer – I spoke to a client the other day, she mentioned her husband’s face every time she puts on a bikini, not a smile but a disturbing smirk which does not exactly boost a hell of a load of confidence…

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spring has sprung

Spring has sprang

In celebration of Spring and the launch of a brand new Summer collection, Tweak hosted Spring into Style – a lovely pamper and spoil day for a handful of incredible ladies. As the champagne flowed the Tweak end of range Sale buzzed in the background. Essential life in Parkhurst was the perfect setting for this…

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Tweak’s Best buys

It’s the 3rd of December and it is cooking outside, barely 8:30am on this beautiful Wednesday morning and the temp must be around 25 degrees already, finally welcome summer – for me as a fashion designer/stylist/per… etc etc and as a woman who has a more than few KG’s on her ass, I struggle with…

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