How to spice up your outfit, using colour staples

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Colour Staples

Personally, having to think about adding colour into your look everyday can add anything from 10mins to 30mins to my “getting ready regime”, but most days I simply cannot afford this luxury. My solution, is understanding how to add pops of colour.


Adding a bit of colour in your nail polish can make all the difference in spicing up your outfit. With all the variations of nail art out there my suggestion is KEEP IT SIMPLE, (especially if you don’t plan on changing your nail colour every day). Ideally you want colours that will work with what you have in your wardrobe. Summer is a great season to play around with beautiful bright colours, but just remember to tone it down during the winter months by buying warmer deeper shades of colour.

A pop of colour in the ear, in the form of a lovely earring. I believe your outfit is not complete unless you have finished your look off with an earring – this specifically applies to you ladies working in a corporate environment.

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Shoes are a great way to liven up your ensemble (if you are feeling slightly more adventurous). When it comes to adding colour on in your feet you’d be surprised at how many outfits you can spice up by wearing a bit of colour in your shoe choice. My secret is find a shoe that has more than one colour. Two tone is always a very classic look and offers you a great variety when piecing your outfits together, to create different looks. Just look how beautifully this floral skirt can be combined with both the heel and the pump- creating two very distinctive looks!




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