How to declutter your style

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Someone once said “a cluttered cupboard is a cluttered life”. We think of our dream closet and the first thing that comes to mind, is a spacious walk-in cupboard designed for the rich and famous. A treasure trove of clothing pieces, colour coded in neat rows. Instead we wake up coiled in dread, at the thought of opening our cupboard doors. Not just because we’ve run out of ideas on what to wear, but because we fear the avalanche of clothing, scarfs, hats and shoes that will burst out as we twist the handle.

As much as we try to avoid it in our personal lives, organisation is key and the utilization of every inch of space is crucial. Knowing where to find what you’re looking for, is half the job of putting an outfit together.

Here are some simple tips that will take the hair pulling frustration out of getting dressed;

Remove the dead weight
For some of us decluttering our closet may mean taking out non wearable items like; bulky vacuum cleaners and bedding. After this, the dreaded detox can commence. Suddenly, you’ll have all this space to to reorder what you own.



Take everything (and I mean everything) out of your wardrobe. Removing one or two items you don’t want, only makes it easier to overlook things you don’t need. Lay it all out on your bed, and put back only what you love and use. Disclaimer: This step is like an intense session of therapy, and is not for the faint hearted. We strongly suggest you do not embark on the process alone. If you don’t have friend or relative willing to embark on this painstaking journey then hire a professional – we’ll go into more detail on the dreaded “wardrobe detox”, stay tuned.


Group everything you have the most of together. If you are a shoes and accessories kind of gal, then those will most likely take up a lot of space, and will need their own category. Otherwise consider grouping your clothing into certain scenarios, that you will encounter on a weekly basis. Like; gym, hobbies, work and social events.


Place items you use more frequently in the front of your cupboard for easy access, and the items used less frequently on a high shelf.

Seasonal change over

If you live in a country where the weather fluctuates between seasons. Then pack your warmer bulker clothing away in the warmer seasons. If you are working with less space, then put these items in a bag and out of the way. My favourite thing about not seeing half my wardrobe for 6 months, is the how it feels to rediscover what I have.


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If are going to take only one thing from this article it would have to be this tip. Throw away all those short, plastic or broken hangers that you can’t stand – yes we all have them and they need to find the bin. Replace these with thinner velvet coated ones instead. The non slip coating will save you a ton of time – just think, with all that extra time that you would have spent rehanging clothing, you can now dedicate to sipping on your favourite brand of wine, it’s a win win

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