Tweak Extreme

Tweak Extreme

Starting at: R850

  • Specific Details

    Meet your Image consultant, get your “re-create you” manual, which includes your colour palette & body shape, or all the how to’s on styling your shape – tailor made to suit your lifestyle & so much more. Once you’ve chosen your service the process begins. Maintaining these changes are key, so we show you how to do it for yourself!

  • How It Works

    The tweak EXTREME is fully customizable service, where you decide which area/s you need assistance in. A qualified Image consultant from House of Janine will visit you in the comfort of your home and guide you through your transformation. Throughout the experience your Image consultant will teach you what works for your body shape and colour palette and by the end of the experience you will understand how easily you can shop for clothing that is best suited for your lifestyle.  Additional services that we offer include: How to apply your make-up, illusion dress your body and understand which colours work best for you. Choose from any of the following services below:

    • The Style Experience
    • Hair & Colour
    • Function Dressing
    • Shop With a Stylist
    • Wardrobe Detox
    • Make-Up
  • Costs Involved

    R 1750 personalized face to face consultation fee – 1 hour
    R 1550 wardrobe analysis and detox – 1 hour
    R 4750 personal shopping experience – 3 x 1 hour (individual consult is required and not included in the fee)
    R 2550 shop with a stylist – 3 hours
    R 850 Hair and colour – 1 hour
    R 950 make-up education from day to night – 1 hour
    R 2550 the style experience – 1 ½ hour
    R 2550 function dressing – 1 ½ hour

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Product Description

  • The wardrobe analysis and detox

    The wardrobe analysis and detox service caters for the individual who would like to transform what they already have in their wardrobe. Clearing out the clutter of the old and paving the way for an invigorating style change. Detoxing includes a visit from a skilled consultant, who will go through your wardrobe and help you decide what is needed and what you can let go of. Because of our love for clothing we do our best to “save” every piece of clothing that we can by altering it. Finally, simplify the process of getting dressed, by rehanging your wardrobe, helping your easily locate and combine your clothing.

  • Personal Shopping

    Personal Shopping is a fantastic experience and in the end we aim to leave the client with the necessary tools to understand how to integrate your old wardrobe and the new, see how we style your outfit AND all within your budget. Our mission is to create your brand new wardrobe that ensures you look great and therefore feel great. With this experience, you will learn what works and what does not as well as try on clothing that you would never have tried before. Your consultant will shop for you and fit you in the privacy of your home, they will tailor the pieces that require a little adjustment and return the pieces that are not for you.

  • Hair and colour

    Hair and colour are one of the most important factors in a person’s look. Knowledge is power and knowing which colour pallet you are is important in terms of understanding which tones and shades best compliment your skin tone. Equally as important is understanding your face shape before you decide how to cut your hair. Wearing the right colour close to your face makes all the difference in enhancing your skin’s natural glow as opposed to draining the colour out of your face by wearing the wrong colour. The hair and colour analysis includes a colour palette card for you to use when shopping your wardrobe.

  • Make-Up

    You sell your face every day and it’s the first thing that people see when you meet them. Understanding your best facial features and knowing how to accentuate them, is one of the most important aspects of enhancing your personal image. As a woman, knowing how to apply your make-up is of the utmost importance. During your make-up consultation, we illustrate and teach you how to apply your make-up using a quick and easy methods that deliver great results and can be easily replicated. We show you how to accentuate certain facial features and we illustrate day and night make-up for a seamless transition from work to after-work meetings.

  • Function Dressing

    Different occasions call for a change in dress code and dressing the part is of the utmost importance when it comes to function dressing. Our skilled image consultants are fully equipped to find the perfect outfit to suit your occasion and fit your body perfectly, whether it be for cocktails events, social functions or corporate events.

  • Styling Experience

    The styling experience with no shopping – some women have got clothing in their wardrobes, heaps and heaps but still manage to only wear the same 5 to 10 outfits or you are constantly buying clothing but yet are not sure how to integrate the pieces into what you already have. The Styling experience is to assist you to see your wardrobe through our eyes, intermix your clothing and accessorize accordingly. The idea is to illustrate how many outfits you actually have and to show you how to make the most of your wardrobe.

  • Shop With a Stylist
    “Shop With a Stylist”]

    Shop with a Stylist – oooh can be so much fun, a consultant will shop with you, show you where we shop, how we shop and take the dread out of mall shopping. She will tell you the truth, she will tell you your butt looks big in those trousers and she will most definitely ask you to try everything you choose together on.


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