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Make-up fix in seconds

Have you noticed how beauty has become an obsession? How to create a beautiful “whatever” in 2 weeks, how to have the appearance of flawless skin instantly and on it goes with the likes of millions of beauty products all screaming about their evolutionary new shade of red lipstick or 24-hour foundation fix in an effort to see who can shout the loudest - It’s deafening tell you. Not to mention confusing and in the back of my mind I’m thinking “yeah, I’m not buying another gimmick make up product trying to convince me, that I will only feel beautiful if I SPEND SPEND SPEND more money”.

Don’t get me wrong, (Although, I would much rather walk around like a barefaced hippy from the 70s) I’m not against make up, in fact I believe in it’s magical ability to make me look like I have facial features- and (while I’m being perfectly honest) I do get a secret thrill spotting 50 shades of pink nail polish as I prance through the make up isle at clicks *insert starry-eyed expression*. For me it’s always been about the time it takes to put the stuff on my face and then taking it all off again. So I’ll admit it, I am a bit lazy as far as makeup is concerned.

“ I just don’t have time” , “I forgot” or “I don’t need it” are just some of the many excuses I have heard from clients so I know I am not alone. When it comes to your daily makeup routine it shouldn’t be so complicated that you are tempted to forego the entire process altogether. That’s why I believe simplicity is KEY. Start with your best feature and enhance it (whether it’s your eyes, lips, cheeks, brows- you get the idea) and use one product multiple ways to enhance that feature…

My weapon of choice, dun dun dun… my eye liner pencil. The reason why is two fold. Firstly, it does the obvious: lines the top and bottom of my eye and then it also doubles up as an eye shadow. Yip, just apply a little extra up the outer corners of your eye and GENTLY smudge ( the skin around the eye is the most sensitive – I am personally paranoid about collecting unnecessary wrinkles by stretching the skin out too far- but that’s just me)

So there you have it, my 5 second make-up fix- that saves me a ton of time

Let me know about your make-up quick fix in the comments below

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