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Pain vs. Beauty

Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of heels and the way my (somewhat questionable) posture just falls perfectly into place when I rock my sling backs. It’s like I take on a different persona and I can instantly feel my confidence spike. Yes, I’m in awe at the power of heels – can you tell?

Still, I find myself meticulously plotting out my day at the very thought of wearing a pair (how long will I be standing, strategic places to sit for a bit of recuperation and how many hours I HAVE to wear them) after internally debating with my sense of reason it’s time to mentally psych myself for the task ahead.

For my line of work I occasionally need to slip into a pair of stilettos, there’s just no getting around it – the thought of my boss’s expression (should I decide to rock up in a pair of “flatties”) is more than enough inspiration to get me picking out my smartest pair. They say that beauty is pain but I have come to realize that “they” have said a lot of things – much of which is a bunch of baloney. Beauty is about feeling beautiful, not having to nurse bunions and blisters for days on end. When picking out a shoe there are a few things to keep in mind;

Firstly, comfort is everything. There is nothing more unattractive than a woman who has developed a unique kind of limp in her efforts to hide her discomfort – we see you, we know what you are trying to do and NO it’s not working. Plasters are a temporary solution for breaking in a new shoe but if it’s becoming a regular foot accessory, maybe it’s time to kick the “heel” to the curb (no “corny” pun intended)
Secondly, if you are struggling to wear a stiletto heel it’s probably time to consider alternative solution like (wait for it)…. The wedge heel, this is my ultimate go to when it comes to looking and feeling good. Your entire body weight isn’t concentrated in a tiny bit of surface area. Instead, it’s spread across the whole foot, so it makes sense that you won’t feel the effects of that infamous forefoot burn throughout the day.

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