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Kiss dry lips goodbye

Winter should stir up a need to cosy it up, under a blanket of stylish layers, designed to make me look and feel fabulous. Since, 'tis the season to be … well, cosy, a whirl wind of warm thoughts, like fire places, hot chocolate and long hot baths should come naturally, right? To the contrary, the onset of the first cold front evokes raging thoughts of chapped lips and dry skin… Eish, it’s going to be a long 3 months (I can almost hear my brain saying). But it needn’t be, in fact I think it’s high time we smash those urban legends of old by kicking the chap to the curb.
First on the issue of chapped lips;

Thou shall not lick:
As tempting as it is to “give em a good old lick” – rather refrain. Your saliva contains acids designed to break down food and will strip your lips of any natural oils that you have. Saliva also quickly drys up, which will leave your lips even drier than before.

Ditch the lip ice:
It’s true, addiction comes in all forms and sizes. Starting the season off with this pocket sized nemesis only spells disaster. Before you know it you’re pulling off chunks of flaky flesh remains of your lips, whilst scraping the bottom of the barrel for that “last fix” of moisture. It’s an unproven fact, the more you use, the drier your lips become, the more you need (and suddenly you’re a full blown winter crack addict… I mean crack victim)

Oil it up:
So if you are not already on it, then you’ve probably had someone chew your left earlobe off, about the “ organic movement”. Nowadays, there is a definite trend toward a healthier lifestyle, by making healthier decisions. If moisture is what you need, then coconut oil is a great go to. It’s jam packed with all kinds of nourishing vitamins and it solidifies in cooler temperatures. Making it a winter must have. If like me, you need a little more moisture, add a few drops of olive oil. This not only cures the chapped lips, but is a fantastic solution for dry skin.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate
I’m sure you must have heard it a thousand times during the course of your life, but this is essential for lips too. Exfoliating, takes away the dead skin cells (those old dry flakes, still attached to your lips). This will save you from those irresistible (but painful) tears.

If going all natural is not your thing, then opt for a lipstick that contains vitamin E and promises to deliver that little bit of extra moisture. There is nothing worse than highlighting accents of intense colour, caught in the dry grooves of your smooches. A vitamin E kick will give you an antioxidant boost as well as protection from free radicals.

H2O is the way to go

Drinking lots of water has endless benefits. Water not only hydrates the body, but the lips too. If at all possible avoid eating and drinking things that will dehydrate your body. Staying away or reducing your coffee, salty snack and chocolate intake over this season will do your lips the world of good.

Yours in style, Tweak 'n Style

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