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First impression lasting impression

It’s a reality people judge people – I know I’m guilty of it. Part of the anxiety of meeting new people comes from not knowing how we will be perceived or not knowing how to make the right impression. Sometimes it takes just one really bad experience to knock our confidence, but that shouldn’t hold you back from getting back on that horse and giving it another try. So here are a few tricks to give you a head start.

  1. Be yourself

Yes it’s true we all put on a bit of a mask on when we face the world, but It’s important to be authentic. At some point people will get to know the “real” you anyway. Be true to who you are and let your confidence shine.

2. Dress for the occasion

Personally, there is nothing that I hate more than feeling under-dressed for any occasion. As much as I love my comfy clothes, I would rather be overdressed than be remembered for being “that girl” who doesn’t take pride in who she is. Weather you’re meeting a new client or going to a fancy dinner event, make sure you know the dress code (if there is one) who you are going to encounter and what impression you need to make.

3. Show off some ivory

Ever notice how a smile can make a person seem so much more approachable? A confident smile not only puts the person you are meeting at ease, but mentally it puts you in a positive frame of mind. Take courage knowing you have the ability to change the course of someone’s day with a simple smile…

4. Be present

Some encounters can be so intimidating you find yourself totally overthinking it. Sometimes “being in your head” can put you on a back foot. Your responses becomes unnatural and you may miss a lot of what is being said. Don’t be so nervous or worried about making the right impression that you can’t be in the moment.

5. Show genuine interest

It’s a fact, people enjoy talking more than listening- granted some people may take a little longer to open up than others. Once you find that common ground (where you can relate to what they are saying) the conversation will flow a lot smoother. Encourage them to open up, by asking questions about their life or where they are from as a starting point and be a good listener.

We always love hearing from you, so let us know if there is a topic you would like us to explore.

Yours in style, Tweak 'n Style

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