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Melting pot of Style

We as South Africans, live in country filled with a variety of amazing cultures, I think these cultures should be celebrated- so why not add them into our style?

 Growing up in a particular culture may influence your style and personality more than you think, it’s something unique that shows who you are and where you come from. In South Africa, being exposed to different cultural lifestyle, dress, art and traditions is a norm and there is nothing wrong with adding a taste these cultures into your personal style.

 I grew up proudly South African however my father has influenced me with some British culture, as my mom did with Afrikaans, the British dress sense definitely influenced me more as I love a double-breasted jacket! But that’s how simple it is, find elements that you like and incorporate them. Here are some examples:

If you love the traditional Indian culture why not add a beautiful Pashmina that shows off the incredible prints and fabrics of India or try a long shirt over pants to show a modern take of a Kurta.

 If you are inspired by the Japanese or oriental cultures why not try an obi belt or a stunning wrap dress.

Got some Scottish in you? Throw on some tartan pants and you’ll be ready to play the bagpipes in no time!

And let’s not forget about incorporating our beautiful South African culture- this is our finger print! Whether we do it with beautiful beaded jewellery, head wraps or stunning Shweshwe fabric, it is always so fun adding the element of Africa to your style!

Yours in Style, Tweak 'n Style

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