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Whether you want to build a cohesive wardrobe or spruce up your look,  this is the best place to get started. Personally I tend to work off a simple “go to” formula. Which consists of a bottom, a top and a third layering piece. This way I don’t have to think about my outfit, but I still look well put together. What’s great about it, is you can tailor it to your particular style, body shape and colour palette.

Here are some of the basic essentials to incorporate;

Dare to denim:
First is a great fitting pair of jeans. You can’t go wrong with this piece, because you can dress them up or down. I recommend a pair in black and a medium-wash denim pair. A sleek and simple pair of black jeans are great for occasions when you need to dress smarter. I also recommend a medium-wash pair, because they are the most versatile colour. You can wear them with a light or dark colour top and they will look great. The style of jeans will depend on your body type. I’m partial to skinny jeans, because it’s easy to tuck into my boots in winter and shows off my shoes in summer. Whether it’s straight leg, wide leg or boot leg, pick something that works best for you. Remember fit and comfort play a big role in how confident you feel.

Basic white tee:
The next wardrobe essential is a plain white t-shirt. This piece is simple, universal and great for layering. You can just pop on your tee, throw a jacket or coat over and it will work. It’s easily combined with any style or colour accessories. I would personally recommend a necklace, to make the neckline a little more interesting. In terms of style there are just so many options, you can tie it, knot it, do a half-tuck or full-tuck to create different looks, so this is a definite must have.

Button it up:
My next pick is a white button up shirt. Just like the white tee, the button up is extremely versatile. This piece easily crosses over from work to cocktails with the girls, and you can wear it anywhere. Pair it with some jeans for relaxed look or a pair of slacks for a smarter look. It’s crisp, clean and classic. An over sized, slightly longer shirt is great when it’s layered and can even be worn on it’s own.

Buying a blazer:
The third layering piece I would recommend for a completed look is a well tailored blazer. If it were up to me, I would buy one of these in every colour (in my colour palette of course). If you are just starting out though, rather buy a high quality one then a handful of cheap ones. You’ll wear your blazer as an outer layer, so it’s important that you don’t skimp. You don’t want your whole look tainted and end up looking like you visited the local china mall for a shop up. This piece adds that extra dimension to your outfit, so make sure that it fits you really well. A blazer adds structure and jazzes up your outfit to make you look really chic. If you are stuck on a colour start with a classic black blazer, it has more longevity and helps slim down this area of your body. If blazers aren’t your thing, then any well fitted or well tailored outer garment will also work.

I hope that these tips will make putting a outfit together a little easier. If you would like to have a little more information or just want to say “hi”, then drop me a reply in the comments below.

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