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Talking Turquoise

March is here, the colours are changing, and we want to talk Turquoise!

Turquoise is the one colour in our vast variety of colour palettes that all men and woman can wear- it suits everyone! All skin types, all hair colours, all eye colours - it is sensational!

As we always say, great colour needs to be worn close to your face - just please not in eye shadow ladies!

There are so many ways to bring colour into your outfit:

For our men:

A print tie, a shirt with a turquoise thread, a pocket square, happy socks or a graphic print on your casual Tee.

For ladies:

AH jewellery - phenomenal! A great blouse, a fantastic print in clothing or accessories. A Turquoise bag or shoe. There are so many options for us and it doesn’t need to be too bold or overwhelming, you can wear it in subtle ways i.e the stud earrings.

As we always say style is how you wear an outfit, how you put it together and incorporate your personality. Your personality is your finger print and your finger print is what makes you unique.

If you would like us to shop any of these items for you OR shop you a box of style based on your personality, register on our website and Book your Box today.

Yours in Style

Tessa Sprawson


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