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Our Elite

This week we were joined at Head office by one of our Elite clients. She flew in from Upington (where they are starved for clothing) to spend 3 days with us in Johannesburg shopping and building her wardrobe! What a blast we have had!

From Bra’s to tops to bags to shoes to dresses to pants! We bought everything!

 This Particular client had somewhat of a larger budget than most and to nail her entire wardrobe in 3 days (including the fittings, returns and of course the shopping) turned out to be more challenging than we expected, but what a great dare! We were jolted out of our comfort zones and our programmed way of thinking. This spectacular lady is completely different to anyone we have had, until now, shopped before as she hates wearing black. First woman ever! She is crazy about bold colours and print - most women are not as adventurous and love fitted clothing - no desire to tent or hide her stomach.

These are a few things that made her so unique to dress and it kept us on our creative toes all week. We were also shopping for a still boiling Northern Cape summer while Gauteng stores have already been overrun by winter stock.

Never the less we went out, we conquered and to our knowledge sent our client home excited about her new wardrobe.

Yours in Style 

Tessa Sprawson


 These are a few of our favourite purchases from this week!


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