Winter 2016

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It is officially here, Winter 2016! I for one could not be more excited, the heat wave is gone and the amazing
fashion is in! This year the 70’s are back in full swing! From bell bottom denims to suede fringe jackets, and lets not
forget about the gorgeous ankle boots, it’s a full hippie revival! Although we are not all gathering around drum circles and sticking to the typical hippie lifestyle, South Africans have really made this trend their own, by incorporating it into their individual style – this season should

be an interesting one in the world of photo_2016-06-13_21-23-29fashion and everything fabulous.

Some fashionable people have embraced the trend in full! Others have chosen certain elements from the trend that they enjoy such as the silhouettes, prints or even just the colour  palette. This trend is super easy to wear, however remember your body shap when buying some of the silhouettes, they are not all flattering and unless you have the body of a greek goddess, be aware.

There are certain elements that will shoot you straight into this fashion trend
without a second thought : suede anything, ethnic and paisley prints, denim bell bottoms, melton winter hats, crochet details ,high waisted everything and lets not forget about platform shoes.

Ironically the 70’s was a rebellion against fashion norms and regarded to as the ‘anti fashion era’ and the ‘decade of bad taste’, yet here we are now re-living it and setting it as 2016’s biggest trend. People love this tread because it celebrates creativity, liberation and expressing the individuality of a person and their unique style.


Here are the must haves to pull off this trend :

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Have fun with your Winter style! Be yourself and show your personality through your style. Happy shopping!






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