This is Fashion Create

A 3 month mentorship where you populate your own Pinterest board, we take that inspiration and transform those images into designs.  Once a week for 2 hours you will learn how to understand construction, learn to illustrate; build technical drawings.  We bring all your fabric options to you. Together we choose trim to suit each design and then our team of pattern makers and construction will then make your collection come to life.  3 months from sketch to store.  We also include your social media build and a small page website plus a photoshoot for your new label.  We focus on sustainable fashion so we only create a sample collection in order for your new clients to order and then the garments are produced according to colour, size and design. 


We do it all for you 

This is your label and we are privileged to be a part of it
The Kerri-Leigh collection
Created with love for every woman
The Ami brand collection
Created with love for every woman
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