15 February 2023

High heels on boys

In anticipation, I drove out to the Indaba, I cannot tell you the knots in my stomach, it has been 4 years since I stood in front of a live audience. I  took the time choosing what I was going to wear, knowing there would be, in my estimation, 400 eyeballs staring at me, all of them belonging to men. The plan was to wear the last outfit I was complimented in and so I did. Curled hair, pinned out of my face but still feminine, face painted to perfection, powder set and a bold lipstick shade you would not normally see on me.  

In my all black outfit, favourite spotted heels and my pout, my day began. I had run the introduction over and over again in my head, my gut was telling me that this was not going to appeal to a room full of men, I had to come up with plan B.
I told a story that may appeal to most of you.   A story of a celebrity who walked into my Egoli wardrobe office and asked me to make him look taller. To me everyone is 6 foot but this gorgeous man, he needed to feel strong, empowered, more than.  
I did not dispute, I took his black brogues to Levingers and they placed a platform under his shoes, this extended his height by just short of an inch.  Before my eyes, as he tried on his new inch of confidence, his chest expanded, and he smiled.  
Truthfully, at the time, I did not understand his change - how could shoes hold so much power?
After years of using clothing to change how people feel about themselves, I get it now, and so did the 400 eyeballs as I shared this exact story as the prelude to my next 45 min.  

D, the actor I was telling you about, did a 360 degree turn when he had his 'high heels' on.  His performance improved, his confidence sky rocketed and it was our little secret as you hardly ever saw feet on television.

A small transformation of flaw into asset creates a confidence in us which makes us feel different when we look in a mirror, walk into a room, smile at a pretty face. 
We all have our insecurities, we all have our flaws but it is up to us to turn them into assets.

look good, feel good, perform

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