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Mike Tabraham is Divin Design’s designer extraordinaire and creator of bespoke wood jewellery pieces.

This husband, father and grandfather, is a generational designer, boasting forty plus years in furniture and interior design.  While he began his career as a young window dresser and interior designer, under the tutorship of his father John Tabraham (who studied at the infamous High Wycomb Design School in the UK), Mike developed a passion for furniture design.

Mike was the resident and only designer for 19 years at Grafton and Everest, providing sought after designs for Grafton and Everest and several other furniture and interior stores.  Recent retirement has finally given Mike the time to expand his design passion to embrace and experiment in jewellery and sculpture creation, in a medium he knows exceptionally well, and loves, wood.

This range plays with various wood types, shapes and even colour treatment.  The wood pieces are accessorized with either 3mm or 5mm suede.   Some also have touches of wood beads and aluminum.    The suede has no clasps to enable length adjustment to suit all tastes.

Completely taken with the pieces he created, Mike’s daughter Susie, persuaded him to partner with her in a business, to create, promote and sell a range of necklaces that were distinctive and desirable.   And Divin Design was birthed.  A platform to produce bespoke wooden necklaces that are as fun to wear as it was, to design and create.

In addition to creating unique wooden jewellery, the long term goal and dream would be, to create a range successful enough to sustain training, mentoring and employing young designers who could add their own flare and youthful approach to the design and creation of the range.


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