A label created for the real woman, sophisticated, refined and sexy.  Most of the label is created in stretch fabric for comfort and ease of fit.  These designs are inspired by YOU, for those of us that have body concerns.  All the lines are long with a focus on individual celebratory pieces or layering, which is the magic of style. Every women's body shape is ready to be dressed. 



10 years ago, Renske Lammerding opened the doors to her boutique in the Pretoria area.  Her lines in her store were always chosen with the South African woman's body shape in mind.  From PJ's to designer shoes, from delicate jewellery to ready to wear.  Her boutique has it all BUT Renske was always looking for more... Those fab black trousers that balanced a woman's hip line, that blouse that hid a tummy and a blazer that covered a toosh.  She is launching this label with passion and pride and every piece ticks her distinctive boxes. 


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