Do I need to be a member to buy or use the service?

How do I receive my shopping?
Your purchases will be delivered to your door – home or office
Fit your pieces in the luxury of your home
Anything you want to exchange or return then just book the courier and the clothing will be delivered back to us
Then we credit your credit card accordingly
How long does it take to receive my shopping?
5 days from when your budget has been cleared into the Tweak ‘n Style account
How long before I receive my return budget back?
5 days your budget will be back in your bank account once we have received your returns
May I swop sizes?
Absolutely, but please understand you will have to pay for additional courier fee
How do I know what size I am?
What size are you normally? That is the size you should order
S/32; M/34; L/36; XL/38; XXL/40; XXXL/42
Can I book a consultant to fit with me?
Absolutely, a consultation fee is R 995.00 and is 45min long and can be done in the comfort of your home


Please note that if a garment is returned with makeup or is anyway damaged – you will not receive credit for this purchase
Should the clothing not be returned to Tweak ‘n Style within 5 days of delivery – no returns will be accepted
Box cannot contain more than R 5000.00 worth of clothing however you may order 2 boxes

How does my package work?
A consultation a month to suit your calendar
Shopping experiences may be with your consultant or without
Fittings may be virtual or face to face
What if I want to cancel my service?
Once the agreement is in place it will be valid for 365 days and not available for cancellation for that year after the first fitting has taken place
This service does not include shopping budget – every 3 months Tweak ‘n Style will shop for you; each package has an allocated budget – that budget is expected to be in the TNS account before the shop takes place
Should a payment not be made the service will not be refunded for the past months however all services paid for can be expected by the client
What if I am using different products or services that I don’t want from Tweak ‘n Style
The purchase of products are at clients discretion
The hair, skin, makeup and bra offering is for educational purposes – should you not want anything from our collaborations – that is your decision
What if I go away or need to pause the service?
1 month is acceptable with notice please
Budget – how does this work?
Every 3 months you can expect a consultant will shop for you – this is an established budget allocation based on your package – this budget must be paid upfront in the month of your shopping experience – you will be notified of when that budget is due and when you can expect your shopping delivered


How do I book a consultation if I am not a member?
Register, login, choose your consultant, choose your service, pay for your service, TNS will be notified and will contact the consultant – the consultant will be in touch to schedule your consultation to suit your diary
Can I book a box for my consultant to bring with in my 1:1?
Yes absolutely, book a box is R 595.00 and this includes courier for returns and exchanges – this service is only available for those who book and confirm a consultation service
Can I change my consultant?
Of course, should you decide that your consultant is not a fit, please know that we would like to know if there is any specific reason for your decision


How do I register for my image or style academy course?
Contact us and we will send you the registration forms, invoice and you are in
How long is the course?
3 months, once a week, 2 hours a week
Is the course accredited?
No. it is not necessary for an accreditation however we do offer a Tweak ‘n Style certificate of completion and attendance and that you are qualified as a Tweak ‘n Style image consultant
Can I quit the course?
Yes of course however once the payment of the course is complete, you are registered and have had your first class, no course fees can be refunded
Is there homework or projects that I need to do as a student?
Every class has a project – it is invaluable that you put into practise what you learn

What is create?
It is a 3 month course where we will no only teach you how to build your own line but also actually build your line from sketch to store
What is the cost?
Every line is different but you have 2 choices, a sample line OR a complete line with stock however the cost to join our Fashion Academy is R 60 000.00 OR R 20 000.00 per month
Where will the line be sold?
The option to have your line sold in Tweak ‘n Style online store is up to you – should you decide to sell your product with TNS, TNS will keep 20% of sales
Can I take my line to boutiques?
Why should we use Tweak ‘n Style to build our line?
It is our hope that you will save money through our guidance; you will learn to market your brand, make connections with our suppliers and have our resources on tap

I have a product I would like to collab with Tweak ‘n Style – how do I go about this?

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